I am sitting in my office looking at my new picture with two gold medalists from the USA in skating at Sochi. I’ll send a $50 gift card to the first person who sends me back their correct names. I saw them recently at the Spartan Nash Food show in Grand Rapids. My wife and I had a few minutes to chat with them, and they mentioned they are traveling around the country for Kellogg’s, who is their main sponsor, plus the company of my two favorite cereals, Fruit Loops and Frosted Flakes!

I started thinking…was this part of the advertising campaign that they get their picture taken? You bet. Will it help me remember the brand? Of course it will. Are they also utilizing direct mail advertising or newspaper advertising? Certainly. The weekly grocery ads that come in Sunday newspapers or direct mail  have many Kellogg’s products and offers, and utilize athletes to advance their brand all the time.

So how are you and your advertising agency or media buying agency targeting your brand and your products and services?

Print advertising is still very strong with the weekly sales circular, and branded as well with TV, radio, digital advertising and social, mobile marketing. A complete marketing mix to grow sales.

On the other hand it reminded me about how much work these two(unnamed Olympians) have worked since they were 6 years old to get to the Olympic Gold podium. They trained hard every day to achieve their goal in life. Are we also working that hard and focused on the key items to get us there in our businesses?

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Have a great 4th of July.


Jack Ponstine