Solo Mail Ad Management

s4-experienceSolo mail seems like a cut and dried proposition. In honesty, it is far more than putting a stamp on an envelope.

There are a large number of variables and combinations to be considered before the campaign starts, not the least of which is defining the target and their Index within the proposed area. Then decisions are to what will be sent via media to secure saturation or list delivery of your mailer using a variety of mail houses. This service includes GIS Maps at the USPS carrier route level, quality control verification of saturation mail to the DDU level and accounts payable reconciliation.

PMM is available to support your list management and hygiene through our mail support partners. Mailing programs can be designed for postcards or single-sheet to multi-page tabloid or broadsheet pre-print pieces.

  • secure saturation or list delivery of your mailer
  • GIS maps at the USPS carrier route level

Ad types for mailing programs:

  • post cards
  • single-sheet
  • multi-page tabloid
  • broadsheet


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