Promotional Services Through Print

s4-dataWe can do coupons, bags and grand openings – virtually any type of promotion you can think of – and a lot you may not have.

When a major soft-drink company wanted to regain some visibility and market share they came to us and we hung about a million samples on virtually every door in the state. No kidding and it worked. Of course, this service includes in-field quality control and accounts payable reconciliation.

Ad types can include Toppers, Out-serts, Big Bag, Mini Billboard, Front-page Notes, Door-to-door Product Sampling, Grand Opening Ad Management and anything else we can think of.

We guarantee we will find something that fits your campaign need to a tee.

  • coordinate and implement special ad type campaigns

Ad types considered promotional services:

  • Big Bag
  • Mini Billboard
  • Front-page Notes
  • Door-to-door Product Sampling
  • Grand Opening Ad Management


Maximize your media dollars with powerful media management solutions from a company that delivers beyond expectations and provides world-class support in a truly memorable experience.

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