WOW, last week really flew by!

The first three days were spent at the Newspaper Association of America conference in Denver. What a beautiful city! We had a tour from a young lady at the Denver Post who loves her job as event coordinator. There was an overlook of the beautiful downtown area, but even more breathtaking was the conference line-up itself. The overall theme was the transforming power of newspapers. Print improvements, along with huge improvements in digital, social and mobile platforms. The 360 solutions for the local, regional and national customers is very impressive. It is all based on a “daily diet” of newspapers today versus just “breakfast” in the past. Through out the day consumers are interacting with their local newspaper and responding with action and sales. There was a fun campaign designed around skittles and the Seattle Post that got everyone excited about new ideas.

Tuesday’s sessions were right on about the Power of Newspaper Media; Why it works and what works best.  Another discussion that I found fascinating was Engaging the Client: Newspaper Media and the Media Mix.

Brian, a good friend and colleague of mine, and I went for drinks Tuesday afternoon to a great hotel called the Brown Hotel. We were walking over to find it and asked some people on 16th street where to find this hotel we had hear so much about. They looked at us a little strangely and said, “Look right there”. Right across the street? …The Brown Hotel. Sometimes it’s OK to look like a tourist. Right?

At any rate, please let me know if you attended and what you thought of the sessions last week in Denver! And, as always, please send me articles about the newspaper industry being alive and well and transforming!

If you did not attend, what else would you like to hear about? I’m full of great stories.