Audit of Print and Insertion circulation vs. Invoice Dollars

s4-dataPMM will utilize newspaper AAM, VAC, CAC, self provided publisher audited reports and industry approved standards, as the historical benchmarks for the audit process.

PMM will incorporate clients advertising frequency, quantity and costs. Then, PMM will deliver a circulation and invoice audit analysis report to identify potential recovery dollars. Recovery process and credited dollars will be managed by PMM.

Print Media Forecasting

Direct reporting of media circulation to forecast for future print runs using the media audit method where applicable, or contact with each media partner via Excel spreadsheet, and update 1-4 times per year based on volume and frequency of advertising (future on PMM portal). TMC products are also included.

  • Client also to provide future live-jobs calendar showing projected frequency and participation.
  • PMM will need to be notified of any future rate/contract changes for each newspaper.
  • PMM will contact each media partner requesting updated circulation counts approximately 60 days before the projected in-homes, in coordination with the four advertising spikes as they are described below:
  • Seasonal Schedule: (exact dates to be finalized)
    • Feb-Mar for Spring Sales
    • Apr-May for Summer Sales
    • Jun-Jul for Back to School Sales
    • Sep-Oct for Holiday Sales, includes Thanksgiving Black Friday


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